Shezad Nawab Dedicated to promoting equal opportunities and inclusivity for the Deaf community.

Shezad Nawab is a dedicated entrepreneur with a passion for promoting equal access and inclusion for the Deaf community.  He has worked with various blue-chip firms to better serve customers and provide solutions to Deaf entrepreneurs. His has been before portfolio includes Sfhere, Business Consulting, Interim Executive Director, and ICE Ventures, all of which aim to help businesses grow and succeed.

Sfhere is an expert in increasing SMEs’ businesses in international markets, strategically preparing for an optimal exit. Shezad gained valuable experience with Sfhere on how SMEs can penetrate foreign markets to expand their businesses.

Business Consulting helped Shezad increase his knowledge of the business world, particularly in international business. He also helped Deaf entrepreneurs pursue their dreams with innovative ideas, investment, infrastructure, financial planning, and exit strategies.

Shezad offers his services as an interim executive director, C-Level, Chairman, NED, and Board of Director to help growing companies fill unforeseen positions or act as a temporary solution.

As a public speaker, Shezad is uniquely positioned to help budding entrepreneurs with their ICE Ventures.  He has the expertise to help entrepreneurs grow their ideas to their full potential, especially in terms of funding.

Shezad Nawab is committed to working with entrepreneurs who want to start their own business or develop it further.  Contact him today for a consultation to help grow your business.

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