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Shezad Nawab is a Birmingham based entrepreneur with several years of experience under his belt, knows the importance of running your own business. He offers a unique opportunity to new businesses and start-ups to help them nurture. With his wealth of practical knowledge, experience, and insight into entrepreneurship, he helps start-ups, scale-ups and seed-ups to develop and grow their business.

Shezad has a wide network of business contacts and business portfolios. He aims to inspire, grow and connect with ambitious and experienced entrepreneurs. His mission is to increase the number of deaf entrepreneurs in the UK through networking and collaboration. Since 2009, he has been empowering, and counselling deaf people in business and entrepreneurship as well as supporting Disabled and non-disabled entrepreneurs. He offers knowledge, skills, and mastery in business by teaching with the help of visual aids and sign language. He possesses a set of values, beliefs, ideas, insights and a better understanding of the business world.

He is an award-winning entrepreneur who has been honoured with a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) for his services in the field of business and diversity. He strives to help the deaf community in getting their voices heard in the world of business and to assist them in sparking their own growth. He can effectively prepare business presentations, seminars, keynotes and workshops for those who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs. He is using his expertise and experience in helping prepare the next generation of deaf entrepreneurs in the UK, by providing them with a great index of resources.

Running your own business might be the ultimate quest. Now, there’s more support than ever for deaf entrepreneurs willing to take the leap.

Through making resources and business information more accessible, Shezad aims to bridge the gap between the deaf and mainstream businesses. Some of his public speaking appearances include comprehensive and practical advice on numerous topics, with a profound discussion on risk management and even the delicate subject of managing businesses in difficult times. 



Years of coverage across all media including newspapers, video business interview and magazines.


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Public Speaking

Shezad Nawab mastered the ability to give memorable speeches by leveraging public speaking techniques, body language and the right information.  He does not just tell business stories well but also uses vivid visual imageries and emotions to hook the audience.  His public speaking style is simple but unique in which information is delivered to the audience.  To get the message across to different people, he uses intelligent and varied speaking styles.

As an award-winning public speaker, Shezad possesses not just a thorough knowledge of different fields but also has sufficient industry experience and top education.  This doesn’t only guarantee his capability to deliver the top-most public speaking sessions but also to present a unique prospect to learn.  His vision is to support, grow and increase the number of deaf and other entrepreneurs and business owners.  He also aspires to bridge the gap between the deaf community and the rest of the society by providing deaf entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and aides for success.

Whether it’s about delivering a conference keynote or presenting to colleagues and customers, Shezad can polish every part of your speech and will help you tell a captivating story to magnify your business impact.  With his public speaking qualities such as body language, gestures, movement, sign language, engaging the audience and handling visual aids, all go on to confirm an effective delivery.  During public speaking sessions, he tries his best to build an engaging environment, connect the audience and deliver the message so that the audience can relate themselves with the underlying message.

For more than 17 years, he has been involved in supporting new businesses and start-ups as well as SME’s to help them grow their businesses.  He offers his utmost commitment to the deaf community by continuously promoting entrepreneurship and business success.

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Interim Executive Director

The world is in dire need of time-critical leadership. This is where an interim executive can help solve complex business concerns efficiently and also implement effective solutions. They help identify opportunities and view vital business concerns from a fresh perspective. They make a measurable impact with their complex problem-solving skills and by taking the lead. 

Availing the services of an interim executive can be a great idea for firms that aim to grow fast and transform their business radically. Shezad has worked with diverse businesses for over 17 years and has helped fill a position in their management temporarily. He is an ideal choice for starting over superior programs and projects that can offer valued mentorship for younger executives. 

Whether you are planning to launch a new product line or working on a new market campaign, Shezad Nawab would be your best option. He serves as a mid-level manager and presents himself as a member of your team to industry analysts, audiences, and customers. By hiring an interim executive, you get to bring new leadership on board for addressing immediate needs and for as long as required. 

What does an interim executive offer?

  • Speed – An interim executive can be sourced quickly and can start working within a short timeframe.
  • Expertise – Having a level of seniority in the field and significant experience, they have the agility to apply their skills and knowledge within the condensed timeframe
  • Objectivity – Interim executives promise objective and honest perspectives.
  • Cost savings – Hiring an interim helps you avoid the financial burdens and legal obligations of hiring a permanent employee
  • Mentorship – They can coach your present team to take swift actions while working with stricter deadlines on projects

Shezad has a strong background, experience, and the right skill set to be a part of corporate governance and board leadership. Previously, he has worked as an Interim Executive for numerous years. He can effortlessly handle business cycles, strategic planning, and effective management. His focus lies in generating steadiness, offering growth, and active leadership to businesses to help them thrive in global markets.

With his experience, Shezad gives the topmost priority to the business and identifies ways to help it achieve its milestones. His recommendations and swift actions are always in line with capturing the current market theme. He has the necessary experience in the industry to deliver exceptional results.

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With the rise in deaf-owned businesses, younger and aspirant members of the deaf community are now more eager towards exploring their options in the world of entrepreneurship.  With business role models such as Shezad Nawab, it is a great time for deaf entrepreneurs to begin building their dreams.

The development in technology and available resources has made it possible for deaf entrepreneurs to be able to take up the challenge of opening a new business with more choices than ever before.  With the right human resource and technology, deaf entrepreneurs can start their own business, whether it’s a bakery down the street or an accounting firm.

Shezad has been working for more than 17 years promoting available communication and supporting the rights of the deaf community.  He has offered speaking services to thousands of professionals and conducted workshops and effective presentations.  His labours have left an impact not only in the deaf community but also in the business world.

For deaf individuals, the road to entrepreneurship is essential.  It’s more like a lonely adventure with myriad uncertainties.  Marketing your skills and selling your idea seems like a greater challenge.  Shezad provides an innovative approach for entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level and build the capacity for other deaf entrepreneurs.  His expertise includes:

  • Business Organisation
  • Management Structure
  • Investment Pitch
  • Board Leadership
  • Growth Equity
  • Business Cycle
  • International Business
  • Market and Industry Know-How

His initiative aims to bridge the economic gap between the deaf and rest of the business community through empowerment, advocacy, and resource linking.  His mission is to break through the language barriers improving professional and social prospects for individuals who are deaf – while upholding exceptional working relations with the business realm.  He has gained experience and skills while working alongside his parents in their businesses.  He strives to solve the ordinary issues faced by start-ups such as lack of management structure.  His devotion and persistence helped him work his way up the ladder and he was awarded the MBE for his services to the business industry.

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About Shezad

Shezad Nawab is a dynamic entrepreneur successfully running six companies based on global property, events, business consultancy and more.  He was born and raised in Birmingham, providing support to business start-ups for more than 17 years.  He was born deaf so he understands the problems and opportunities that are presented to the deaf community first hand.  Thus, he uses British Sign Language to help the deaf and others in the business community by coaching them how to effectively market their brand and deal with management problems among other things.  He has been involved in creating new business prospects for the deaf community all over the globe and is aspiring to help those who want to start their own business.

As a child, he always dreamed of becoming a pilot, but being deaf it was not possible.  This was the initial step towards accepting his limitations and giving up on certain dreams.  He clearly understands the frustration, which the deaf community faces while operating in the business world.  He knows from his life that unpredicted roadblocks can appear during any task.  He has opened his door for deaf entrepreneurs and provided them with sign language interpretation. Over the years, he has reached different horizons to develop as a global figure enduring to be devoted to both, the deaf and the business community.

Shezad is an award-winning entrepreneur and each award celebrates his dedication, hard work, and success in business.  His most prominent awards include:

  1. Ummul Mu’minin Khadijah Award for Excellence in Enterprise, 2018.
  2. Alumni of the Year 2017 in the field of Enterprise and Innovation.
  3. Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the New Year 2017 Honours list for services to business and diversity.
  4. Shortlisted of Young Achiever of the Year, 2016.
  5. Listed in the top 10 Most Influential Disabled People in Business, 2014.
  6. Business Initiative Award, 2011.
  7. Young Entrepreneur Award, 2011.
  8. Innovation Voucher Winner, 2010.

With his services, he is connecting the deaf community to the mainstream business arena. When asked about how he coped with the challenges he faced, Shezad says:

“Being deaf has its challenges, but it should not prevent you from achieving your dream. If you are deaf and hardworking, you can create your own business”

In his opinion, gaining experience is an ideal way of preparing yourself for entrepreneurship.  It definitely takes time to create a new start-up but by constantly learning and perseverance, you will succeed.  As a deaf child, his father was always concerned about his future. However, being deaf did not stop him from unlocking future potential.  He took inspiration from his father who was the owner of a Post Office Branch; and that along with his deafness shaped his perspective of the world and opened up new realms. 

Management Consulting offers a diverse range of professional business consulting services;

  • Innovation Ideas

Ideas to innovate has become essential in today’s highly competitive business environment.  I have developed a unique approach to help businesses deliver exceptional results.  I believe that my clients have what it takes to release a new wave of profitability and growth.  All you need is a coach that can help you get started in the right direction.

  • From Launch to Exit Strategies; R&D, Start Up, Seed Up, Growth and IPO

With my years of experience, I can help business owners at any stage of business ranging from the launch of business to devising appropriate exit strategies from a stagnant market.  I can further help entrepreneurs in starting up their businesses, accelerating their existing business’ growth, research and development and IPO.

  • Investment; Grants, Equity, and Access to Business Angels

Financing is one of the most important aspects for any entrepreneur at different stages of business development.  I can guide my clients about the best strategy to approach finances.  I can analyse the best approach for each individual client in terms of seeking finance such as grants and equity.  I can use my wide business network to provide my clients with access to angel investors.

  • Infrastructure; Organisational Development, Performance, and Diversification

Business owners, particularly entrepreneurs, require constant business consulting through different development phases.  Along with offering guidance about how to set up a business and seek financing, I can provide complete guidance about organisational development, business performance, and diversification.

  • Business and Financial Planning

Business and financial planning requires expert guidance for efficient business management.  With my years of experience, I can guide business owners to devise effective business and financial plans that assure success.


Shezad wishes to work with entrepreneurs who want to start their own business or develop it further. If you are looking for a consultant who can do just that, then contact Shezad Nawab now to book your appointment today.