As a successful entrepreneur, Shezad Nawab has established six thriving companies that focus on global property, events, business consultancy, and more. Hailing from Birmingham, Shezad has been supporting business start-ups for over 18 years. Born Deaf, he has a deep understanding of the problems and opportunities faced by the Deaf community. He leverages his fluency in 6 Sign Languages: British, American, Moroccan, Arabia, South African and International to help Deaf individuals and others in the business community by providing coaching on brand marketing and management problem-solving. Shezad’s global impact extends to creating new business prospects for the Deaf community worldwide, with a particular focus on supporting aspiring Deaf entrepreneurs.

Despite facing challenges as a child, including having to let go of his dream of becoming a pilot, Shezad has persevered and continues to break barriers. He knows firsthand the frustrations the Deaf community can encounter in the world business, and he is passionate about making a difference by connecting the Deaf community with mainstream business opportunities, business organisation and entrepreneurship. As a result of his hard work and dedication, Shezad has received numerous awards, including the Ummul Mu’minin Khadijah Award for Excellence in Enterprise in 2018, the Young Entrepreneur Award in 2011, and being appointed a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) in 2017.

Shezad believes that with hard work and dedication, anyone, regardless of their limitations, can achieve their dreams. He encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to gain experience and persevere in their pursuits. His personal experience with Deafness has given him a unique perspective and enabled him to help others overcome obstacles to success. Shezad’s inspiring story of overcoming challenges and achieving success as a Deaf entrepreneur serves as a powerful example to anyone with dreams of starting their own business.

Shezad Nawab is a dynamic entrepreneur successfully running six companies based on global property, events, business consultancy and more. He was born and raised in Birmingham, providing support to business start-ups for more than 17 years. He was born deaf so he understands the problems and opportunities that are presented to the deaf community first hand. Thus, he uses British Sign Language to help the deaf and others in the business community by coaching them how to effectively market their brand and deal with management problems among other things. He has been involved in creating new business prospects for the deaf community all over the globe and is aspiring to help those who want to start their own business.

As a child, he always dreamed of becoming a pilot, but being deaf it was not possible. This was the initial step towards accepting his limitations and giving up on certain dreams. He clearly understands the frustration, which the deaf community faces while operating in the business world. He knows from his life that unpredicted roadblocks can appear during any task. He has opened his door for deaf entrepreneurs and provided them with sign language interpretation. Over the years, he has reached different horizons to develop as a global figure enduring to be devoted to both, the deaf and the business community.

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