One-to-one Management consulting


One-to-one management consulting is very important to amplify your business opportunities. As a Deaf entrepreneur or business enterprise, you need someone who can provide you with consulting specialised according to your needs.

That is why you need to consult with Shezad Nawab MBE who provides One-to-one consulting to Deaf startups and businesses. In this article, I will explain two different ways for One-to-one management consulting for Deaf business owners and how Shezad can help you with it.

Deaf Management-To-Deaf Start-up without an Interpreter

One-to-one communication between the consultant and Deaf entrepreneur provides you with a smooth communication flow and eliminates most of the barriers. For this, you need a consultant who is able to understand you without needing an interpreter.

Here comes the role of Shezad Nawab MBE who has a strong background in different sign languages helping him to understand your problems at a better level.

Shezad has experience in providing this consulting to Deaf businesses so there are some key features that make him unique and also the most suitable for your needs:

Cultural Understanding

Shezad is a Deaf entrepreneur with successful business achievements in his life. As a business entrepreneur having experience of more than 19 years, he can have an in-depth understanding of your start-up and its culture. This makes it easy for him to understand your requirements.

Direct Communication

Direct Communication is very important so you can interact with each other without any misunderstanding and get the best possible outcomes.

As this One-to-one consulting takes place without an interpreter, you will have someone who has a good grasp of Sign languages. Shezad Nawab’s ability to speak more than 6 sign languages makes him the most suitable person you can consult for your startup.

Tailored Strategies

As a Deaf business start-up, you may have encountered several problems and that requires you to have such strategies that are made according to your needs. Consulting is all about analysing these problems and providing solutions according to them.

Shezad’s wide experience in providing consultancy has enabled him to make strategies that are tailored according to the needs of your business. This will make the management effective.

Community Connection

Shezad is widely known in the Deaf community and has received several awards due to his contributions to lift up the Deaf business start-ups. He also has established connections with different business entities, which makes him a valuable source for those start-ups who are looking to get new partnerships and collaborations.

This is the reason you should get the services of Shezad Nawab MBE, so new opportunities open up for you.

Deaf Management-To-Hearing SME with an Interpreter

If you are a hearing SME, and you need to diversify your business and enhance its inclusivity, then you can get consultancy from Shezad Nawab who can provide management to the SME team with the help of an interpreter.

Shezad role will be to act as a bridge connecting Deaf and hearing communities within your organisation. A successful consultancy will result in improved teamwork and enhanced communication between both groups, which is necessary for an SME to excel.

The following are some key features of this One-to-one consultancy that will convince you to hire Shezad as a Deaf consultant in your SME.

Interpreter Utilisation

This consultancy requires Shezad to work with the hearing SMEs of your organisation who may not be familiar with sign language. For that, he will need an interpreter so that he can communicate with the team accurately without any problems.

Cultural Bridge

Most people in your organisation may not be aware of the problems and barriers faced by Deaf people. This disconnection between both groups is not good for your SME. As a successful Deaf person himself, Shezad can effectively communicate with hearing SMEs.

This will result in the formation of a bridge between both these groups which will enable them to communicate effectively.

Diversity and Inclusion

Each member of an SME should have a sense of inclusivity so that he does not feel left out. Shezad’s One-to-one management for your hearing SME will create diversity in your work environment where everyone will feel welcomed and valued.

Skill Development

Shezad will provide a platform for skill enhancement for both the Deaf and hearing members of your group. Both groups will learn how to communicate with each other in the best possible way, and this will result in a more cohesive and collaborative SME.

Impacts and Outcomes of this One-to-one management

When you hire Shezad Nawab MBE to do this One-to-one management either for your start-up or SME, there will be several positive impacts on your organisation. This can occur at individual and community levels which will ultimately impact your business performance.

  • Impact on Individuals in your company: Deaf and hearing team members at your organisation will develop skills and will learn about each other.
  • Impact on community:  This management will enhance the representation of the Deaf community within your organisation. This will create diversity and inclusivity for them fostering a sense of community.
  • Impact on your business: When both groups understand each other and develop skills to collaborate more effectively, this will result in increased efficiency and performance of your business.

Also, with the strengthened community connections and the role of Shezad Nawab MBE, many new collaborations and opportunities will open up for your business.


One-to-one management is crucial for start-ups and business organisations to increase the potential of their business. This management can be done in two ways which can be either for your Deaf start-up without any need for an interpreter or for your hearing SME with a requirement for an interpreter.

Shezad Nawab MBE has good experience in both of them and his services can help you to open many potential opportunities for your organisation. His experience of more than 19 years makes him an excellent person for his trust Management.

So, you should contact Shezad as soon as possible, so you can make the best use of his services for your organisation.

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