Public Speaking

Shezad Nawab mastered the ability to give memorable speeches by leveraging public speaking techniques, body language and the right information.  He does not just tell business stories well but also uses vivid visual imageries and emotions to hook the audience.  His public speaking style is simple but unique in which information is delivered to the audience.  To get the message across to different people, he uses intelligent and varied speaking styles. 

As an award-winning public speaker, Shezad possesses not just a thorough knowledge of different fields but also has sufficient industry experience and top education.  This doesn’t only guarantee his capability to deliver the top-most public speaking sessions but also to present a unique prospect to learn.  His vision is to support, grow and increase the number of deaf and other entrepreneurs and business owners.  He also aspires to bridge the gap between the deaf community and the rest of the society by providing deaf entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and aides for success. 

Whether it’s about delivering a conference keynote or presenting to colleagues and customers, Shezad can polish every part of your speech and will help you tell a captivating story to magnify your business impact.  With his public speaking qualities such as body language, gestures, movement, sign language, engaging the audience and handling visual aids, all go on to confirm an effective delivery.  During public speaking sessions, he tries his best to build an engaging environment, connect the audience and deliver the message so that the audience can relate themselves with the underlying message. 

For more than 15 years, he has been involved in supporting new businesses and start-ups as well as SME’s to help them grow their businesses.  He offers his utmost commitment to the deaf community by continuously promoting entrepreneurship and business success.

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