Interim Executive Director; C-level, Chairman, Non-Executive / Board Level Director

Interim executives offer a fresh perspective and deliver powerful results, which makes acquiring their services a great idea for firms that strive to grow faster, transform or turnaround.  For more than 15 years, Shezad has been providing temporary consulting services to the executive group of organisations Interim executives bring leadership expertise and can step up promptly to temporarily fill a position on your management team.  Shezad is an ideal choice for starting your superior projects and programs and can offer valued mentorship for younger executives.  

In case you are considering a merger or acquisition, assimilating a new product line or are starting a new market campaign, Shezad Nawab is your best option.  He serves as a mid-level manager and presents himself as a member of your team to industry analysts, audiences and customers.  

What Does Interim Executive Offer?

Speed – Can be placed in a matter of days

Objectivity – Bring renewed perspective

Experience – More qualified for the position they are taking

Accountability – Serve as a line manager

Mentorship – Coach your present team to make agile decisions

Effectiveness – Authority to impact a substantial change 

Shezad possesses a strong business skill set with qualities to become a part of corporate governance and board leadership.  He has previously worked as an Interim Executive for numerous years and has expertise in effective management, business cycles, and strategic planning.  He always focuses on generating steadiness, offering growth and active leadership to businesses to help them grow in international markets.  As an entrepreneur, Shezad first thinks about the business and what it might require to achieve its milestones.  His actions and recommendations are always in line with achieving success and capturing the market.  He is biased to action and considers getting into the game quickly, working parallel with sales, offering transparency and persistent value.

Contact Shezad Nawab now and hire the right executive who can turn your business around, positioning it on the path to success.